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A Large UFO flying over the NY., Hudson Valley

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Incredible Law Enforcement Encounter with
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The Photographic Account of
ET Technology

From: The Dust In The Closet
By: The Editors at Stranger than Science

Article Posted on: 01-26-08

This photo, which appears on web sites and TV from time to time, was taken by a Connecticut law enforcement officer in 1988 who was instructed to respond as a result of numerous calls from concerned local citizenry.

General Description:

Estimated subject distance: At least 2 to 3 miles
Angle of view: 45 degrees
Length estimate: 3,000 feet
Width estimate: 1,200 feet
Thickness estimate: 60 to 100 feet
General appearance: teardrop shape
Speed: undetermined due to great distance and size

Technical Data:

Camera: 35mm
Make: unknown
Lens: unknown, but probably 35mm (wide angle) or 55mm
Film: 35mm Kodacolor
Film speed: 400 ASA
Shutter speed: 1/125
Aperture: f/5.6
Image filled only 1/2 of 35mm frame horizontally and only 1/4 of frame vertically.
Film processing: Unknown as to whether by police or local photo shop.

Steps involved in receiving, duplicating and creating a Final Print of the Negative:

1.) The original negative was hand delivered to a author and investigator via an intermediary.
2.) The conversion from the original Kodacolor negative to an 8" x 12" Kodachrome print (shown here) was done through re photographing and Kodak processing and printing.
3.) Computer analysis of photo: Inconclusive. Computer could not recognize the characteristics of the "lights".

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