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Dean Fagerstrom’s Incredible Encounters
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Originally the Dean Fagerstrom case was investigated by Philip J. Imbrogno who investigated Hudson Valley Sightings that occurred in New York State during the mid to late 1980’s. Phil indicated that in his initial introduction to this subject his approach to the subject of (Channeling) was one of a skeptic.
When he was approached by individuals who claimed to be in contact with a super human intelligence, his first impressions and responses to these claims of these individuals was a negative one.
It was during the intervening time period “since 1986 he had investigated the claims of at least 40 people who said they were channeling a higher intelligence that is extraterrestrial in nature”.
Phil further indicated that his research “proved to his satisfaction that 90% of these people who claimed to be in contact with a super human intelligence were given to nothing more than their own imaginary claims of fantasies.
The were however another 10% of these cases are interesting, but would require additional research.
From the ten percent of interesting cases, of exceptional nature there was only one case that really stood out.
As a result of a investigation into this case and others the unusual events surrounding them, several occurrences and coincidences occurred in one case that stood out. There resulted from that one case a openness to the subject verifiable claims concerning paranormal and channeling exercises one participant.
That case and it’s participant involved a person named ( Dean Fagerstrom ) and it was the only case that really led Phil to seriously consider that the participant or contactee may be in contact with an intelligence that is not of this Earth. When Phil first started the Fagerstrom investigation in 1982, Dean Fagerstrom was a 57 year old resident whom resided at One Allen Road, Putnam Lake, New York.
*note The town of Brewster New York., area including surrounding city’s and counties in S-Eastern New York. and Southeastern Connecticut during the time periods from 1984 through 1988 were considered a incredible hotbed of of UFO activity by many renowned investigators of that period.
It may be construed that a number of means of communication activities were practiced by ET's related to the (documented) UFO activities that occurred in these areas with randomly selected individuals selected for those purposes.
Dean could have been such a person indeed. . .
Phil further indicated that. . . “When I first met Dean in 1982 he was Working as a night watchman. I found Dean intelligent, articulate and to say the least fascinating”.
The STS editor(s) summed up Dean was just a ordinary person that exhibited of extraordinary abilities and powers.
This and other accounts have appeared since the first publication of Night Siege in the mid 1980‘s. From the intervening period from 1988 up to 2008 the STS editor(s) were aware that in addition to the incredible written accounts that depicted Deans experiences there existed a extensive repository of picture drawings that Dean composed during a channeling experience.
In addition to the photographs Dean had engaged in a number of witnessed episodes of elaborate piano recitals having no formal training in that instrument.
Dean had additionally been witnessed, attributed to and documented as being provided with extraterrestrial mathematical data, winning lottery numbers via channeled episodes that resulted in numerical sequences of numbers that were randomly provided to on multiple occasions.
Unfortunately the STS editor(s) have lost track of Dean since the late 1980’s and feel that the picture portfolio and it’s related content that is posted publicly with this story for the first time will in some way give the reader a feel of the incredible events that surrounded their creation.

The primary reason we the Editors at Stranger than have resurrected this report is to include ( Post Publicly ) for the very first time the entire -32- picture technical drawing(s) collection that were drawn up by Dean during his brief -72- hour experience that occurred on and around January 01st, 1968.
note* to cite: See 2-variance agents-Berllium / Carbon . The question of the reason of spellings of Berllium and Beryllium may indicate a new yet unknown element.
note* Dean utilized the most elementary of drawing and writing devices.
note* Dean voluntarily withdrew himself to a small, secure and quiet room facility and remained there without a single break or exit from that location for any reason for a full -72- hour period.
note* These drawings were rendered with the use of only a simple ruler, colored pencils and a small protractor.
note*The STS editor(s) have had these drawings examined by several experts with advanced degrees in Cartography (hand drawn geodesic or topographical maps) and Electrical Engineering (Radio Sciences) and these individuals questioned indicated that without question that these drawings had a extreme professional degree of aptitude in their composition and advanced technical presentation.
note*Philip J. Imbrogno had the pictures looked at by a, a physicist, an electrical engineer, a professional artist, a master draftsman and even Dr. Hynek looked at them. Everyone was very impressed with them and the draftsman stated that it would take someone with at least twenty years experience to produce something of that quality.
The experts concluded that the degree of detail presented and the complexity combined with the final production level of completed renderings within a -72- hour period with the drawing and writing devices utilized would be utterly impossible to even to the accomplished professional mapmaker or draftsman at that time.

The STS editor(s) feel that this is an appropriate gesture to all the investigators whom were granted permission to copy and review both image, pictorial and textual documentation that a full disclosure of all -32- drawings be publicly posted concerning the mysterious events involved in this case that unfolded since the drawings were first created.
However we feel that it would be important to see what a larger audience of professionals and non professionals could add that may unravel the items depicted in the pictures. We have only a few clews at this time and would seek more information from our readership.
We would appreciate any professional descriptive feedback from viewers to this site that may have any professional knowledge and or credentials whom could assist us defining and or explaining what they think may be depicted in the pictures portrayed in the picture sections (link here) where professional analysis could provide some pointed clues.

Dean gave his audience or investigators the impression that he was a very ordinary person indeed, without motives or contraventions of opportunity. Dean presented his experiences in a straightforward manner without pretext. His interviewers were met with honest and simple answers backed by astounding pictorial, mathematical and numerical data as well as musical performances to all whom queried him with a open mind.

Dean Fagerstrom’s Story of his Incredible Encounters

As an adult Dean's first encounter experiences began to occur in November of 1966 while he was in the army stationed in Bad Kreuznach, Germany.
He lived in the down town district, about one mile from the base.
One night at around 2 am., in the morning Dean was sitting in his apartment while he worked on a number sequence to play for the local lottery. He had the feeling that he was not alone.
At first he did not feel alarmed but his continued premonition developed into a awareness there was another person that may be present, The intense awareness made him intensely curious.
Dean began to feel restless so he stood up and walked around the living room to investigate.
When he found no one present in the apartment he returned to his seat where he was working with the lottery numbers on a white board.
As he returned his concentration to the whiteboard and the sequence of numbers he was writing a incredible scene developed.
Dean described "instead of lottery numbers appearing on the white board suddenly in their place a silhouette like a human like face began to began appear before my eyes".
He indicated that the face filled up nearly the entire working area on the white board.
In a short time the image began to get clearer. Amazingly what Dean described further on in his experience was not the appearance of just one face, but the representation of actually two faces.
A gostly bluish shimmer appeared around the edges of the actual image, as one image appeared as a man with tawny hair, near shoulder length and a woman with slightly shorter, darker hair.
Dean heard a voice very close to his ear identify both of the names of the faces that appeared on the whiteboard.
The male speaking to Dean first gave his name as "Donestra" and then he announced his mate's or wife's name as "Kilestra".

Donestra told Dean, that Dean has studied many things and they have been receiving his thought projections because the mind is a powerful transmitter.
Donestra also told Dean that the images he is now seeing are not real, but holographic projections.
Dean was then told that this being and his mate were among thousands of other individuals from various planets throughout the near regions of our solar system and beyond.
Donestra told Dean that they have been studying the Earth for many years and that our planetary and human condition interested them greatly.

After several minutes of conversation the communication came to a close and Dean was asked not to mention to any one for a while what he had seen and heard.
Dean was told to watch the skies in the next few days, he did and claims he saw a craft of "amazing design and aerial ability".
This was to prove to Dean that the contact he had was real and not an hallucination.
Between 1966 and 1967 Dean was to continue to have contact with Donestra.

In 1967 Dean was discharged from the service and he moved to Brewster, New York.
Things were quiet, and the year went by uneventful.
But on January 19th, 1968 at 4:30am., in the morning Dean had another extraterrestrial contact, this time it would change the rest of his life.

Dean woke up at that hour and saw a bluish shimmer in the upper corner of the room.
He also heard an incredible high frequency buzzing sound.
Gradually, an object materialized about three inches in diameter, round, resembling an old fashion microphone.

This object came nearer and nearer until it halted before Dean's face at a distance of no more than a foot.
This object stood their, suspended in mid air and continued to oscillate.
As Dean watched, something projected itself from the center of the disk and extended out four or five inches, it resembled an "ice pick".
It seemed to Dean that it was some type of probe and came to within three inches of his forehead.
The probe then emitted a very intense vibration that shook his head and neck.
Dean lay in bed helpless, but not paralyzed.
The object then became quiet, then it disappeared.

The next day, Friday morning, Dean got into his car went to a store and began buying graph paper, triangles, compasses and various drafting instruments.
The buying spree did not seem to be under his control, nor did he understand why he was buying these things.

Dean collected his purchases and went home and for the next seventy two hours began making drawings of various types of alien machinery.
(note* ) -1- other Independent witnesses have indicated that the drawings were completed in a period approximating completed within this time period.

Dean did not know why he was doing this, but thought this Donestra person might have something to do with it.
Dean had no idea of what the devices were that he was drawing.

The drawings were done in an unusual manner.
Dean had no notion of what he was doing, but felt strongly motivated to complete the drawings.
He would place a piece of graph paper in front of him and as bluish dots would appear.
( As the dots appeared ) the dots instructed him where to draw the lines.
Also he seemed to have a pre-knowledge of what color or shade to place in a particular part of the diagrams.
After 72 hours and many hours behind closed doors Dean Completed 32 diagrams and several pages of some unknown symbols.
Dean held on to these diagrams since 1968, then turned them over to Philip J. Imbrogno in 1982.
Donestra instructed Dean to then turn the drawings (pictures) over to an appropriate person or contact when he would be strongly urged or compelled to do so at a future time and place. Dean would know exactly what to do and whom to give the drawings to when the proper time comes.

It would take an entire book to explore some of the material he has produced and a lifetime to research it.

Parts of this article have been extracted from the [Uploaded forms to CompuServe's National Issues Forum Aug 5, 1990] "Part 1 of the Hudson Valley UFO sightings" courtesy (Don Allen). Newsgroups: alt. alien. visitors, alt. conspiracy.

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