Deep Space Arrival
About the picture and the Artist.

Sometimes in the course of our daily affairs a memory, event, or picture comes along that stands out from the rest.

Such was the case in November 2007 when several of our editors were first approached by a mutual 3rd party source who recited a story about a recent rumor they heard concerning the existence of a painting that appeared locally and that was shown at an art exhibit.

The source indicated that the painting might be of interest to the editors and have some merit for the possibilities of a future connection for the use of subject material with our website at Stranger than Science. The editors then set about to get some information regarding the exhibit and the artist in order to contact them.

Two of our editors set out to locate the artist and upon doing a little footwork within in the artists community quickly located the artist and painting in question.

In a short time the artist was found and the editors set up a appointment to review the painting at their studio. On the meeting date the editors arrived at the artists studio. On the date of the meeting the group arrived at the gallery room. Their the editors gazed across a long dark room were they were met with a unusual and eerie sight. Set to the rear of the gallery room which was darkened to add a special effect, hung a large painting set in a beveled chrome frame that measured 56" X 68" entitled "The Arrival" depicting UFO's in near earth proximity.

A plain gallery light was dimmed to gently illuminate the composition of the painting. The overall effect to say the least was “very dramatic” and incredibly stunning.

The artist had originally put the painting up for sale but quickly withdrew it as he had grown attached to it and decided to keep it in his private collection. However the artist indicated that it had been gradually attracting a ever increasing stream of visitors, devotees and the curious public with endless questions and remarks the regarding the subject matter.

The editors of Stranger than Science upon review of the UFO painting were very impressed with it and as they departed the studio thanked the artist for the private showing of the painting.

Later over lunch the editors discussed amongst themselves how some of the options available to them concerning how they could utilize a way to work the painting into a profile, article and or story with the future website.

Another suggestion tabled was to directly approach the artist and ask permission to use the painting as a theme for Stranger than Science.

This direct approach scenario was in fact the best option which eventually played out. The editors and owners of Stranger than Science at a later date approached the artist with a proposal and contract for a website theme picture use concept which was accepted by the artist. The artist provided some additional suggestions and expertise on how the painting could be photographed and the resulting negative that could be rescanned and scaled down in a way so as not to sacrifice the resolution and detail for a suitable final digital image for the website.

In the creation of "The Arrival" the artist created a large cloudless image of the Earth from near Space and altered some dark and light contrast features in order to highlight the overall image and additionally applied some detail changes to the final background with some special air brushing techniques in the painting. A clear rather than cloudy background was chosen to be portrayed in the final rendering.

The artist felt that “Just like recent advances in human based ground and cloud penetrating technologies and or imagery systems to facilitate safer aviation and blind sided navigation problems. It may be reasonably safe to conclude that extraterrestrial technologies might perform similar tasks and much more.

In a manner of one interpretation of the painting a group of discsare silhouetted in the proximity of the planet Earth from the blackness of space. The Arrival captures and conveys to the viewer all the attributes of silence, motion, color and drama of the moment.

In another interpretation the rendering could be construed as being viewed from a large navigation panel, screen or personal viewing device from another craft at the rear of the formation of discs. The artist has masterfully caught on canvas the moment of "The Arrival". This beautiful painting as a showpiece is now displayed in a private collection and continues to be the center point of curiosity for those persons who view it.

The Artist has given their consent(s) and permission(s) in conjunction with the painting “The Arrival” to allow it to be used as a web picture theme by Stranger than Science and the artist who created “The Arrival” would be properly credited to their intellectual, creative and physical efforts in the production or creation of “The Arrival”.

"Ultimately every viewer is a critic and sees what they desire to see in their final judgment of “The Arrival” and there may be infinite interpretations to bring relevance to the meaning of the work, but in the end result each viewer has only their own view. . .

Respectfully: The Editors of Stranger than Science.